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Rope A Dope - Stunt People Compilation DVD Vol. 1 -Autographed-


Rope A Dope - Meet the Dope, who takes a beating by a local gang of martial art thugs, only to awaken the same day after being knocked out. Every day he finds himself in the same fight, awakening the same day, and forced to fight every day. When the Dope takes his fate into his own hands, things begin to turn around.

This compilation DVD includes Rope A Dope and over a dozen other Stunt People shorts:

Beard Off
Future Boss
Wake Up Juice
Hand Over Fist
The Kicktionary
First Person Vader 1-3
Choose Your Weapon 1-2
Eric's Amazing Workouts
Eric the Redneck's Guide to Flippin
Eric the Redneck's Guide to Fallin
Kiai Master Okuma
Death Grip Trailer

In addition, each DVD is individually autographed by Eric Jacobus!